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Established in 1983, CKS Roasted Meat is the leading roasted meat supplier in Singapore. Using Traditional recipes, we continue to provide authentic flavours to our clients in the F&B industry till today. Please note that our items come in no frills packaging straight from the factory. Order directly here!

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  • Suckling Pig

    For Weddings & Special Occasions, the Suckling Pig is a Classic Dish at Chinese restaurants and warm Dining tables of our Homes. Usually available in 2 variations, Smooth & Sandy Skin dependent on your choice.

  • Roasted Pig

    For Prayers & Festivals, the Roasted Pig is the round version of the suckling pig that comes in different sizes. It's ears, legs and tails are intact to ensure the whole animal as offering. Usually, larger sizes are preferred.

  • Bento Boxes

    Bulk purchases of Bento Boxes available for Corporate Orders and Groupbuys featuring our favourite products. Roasted Chicken, Roasted Duck and Roasted Pork Rice available here.

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